Year in Review

Stories printed in The Brandon Sun this year included tragedy, humour, hope and even a bit of the bizarre. As a reminder of the year that was, the newspaper’s editorial staff compiled a Top 25 list of some of their favourite and most important stories of 2016.

Oak Lake family reeling from Cuba tragedy, death of mother

Mom, girl survive bitterly cold ordeal

An unspoken bond

Plainsmen, football community mourning Boyd

Team effort brings Syrian family to city

‘If someone has our son, please bring him home’

Brandon University president admits behavioural contract was ‘a mistake’

Remington’s Seafood and Steakhouse to close, owner announces

‘Flames were coming down the hills’ around Fort McMurray

Knights of D-Day: Local veterans share their Second World War experiences

Ex-CFS worker admits to human trafficking of Brandon sex worker

Trican abruptly closes Brandon location, roughly 40 jobs lost

Impact of Manitoba oilpatch slowdown runs deep

Seven new businesses coming to Shoppers Mall

A celebration of love and marriage

Singer Fergie steps up to aid Boissevain teen

2 men die in ATV crash near Shilo

Hapa’s impact felt coast to coast, dad says

Gunshots hit Brandon home near residence riddled with bullets just weeks ago

BPS linked 10th Street shooting to ordered hit dispute

Escaped BCC inmate quickly back in custody

Soldier saves choking baby in Brandon store

Brandonite killed in crash remembered for positivity, devotion to family

Trafficking probe led to drugs stashed at local church

BU buys Strand Theatre

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How well have you been paying attention to what's been happening in southwestern Manitoba in 2016? Take our 25-question quiz to test your local news knowledge.

Question #1

Scott Byrne retired after a 20-year-career which saw him work with some of sport’s top athletes in the world. What was Byrne’s job?

Question #2

Which Brandon skip finally got over the hump this year to capture his first provincial curling championship in Selkirk?

Question #3

After a five-year career with the Brandon University Bobcats women’s volleyball team, this player was named BU’s female athlete of the year in April. She also won the Nancy Stanley Award. Can you name her?

Question #4

The Brandon Wheat Kings defeated the Seattle Thunderbirds to win the Western Hockey League title in May. In the fifth and deciding game, the Wheat Kings scored eight goals to beat Seattle 8-4. Who was named the MVP of the playoffs?

Question #5

Gordie Howe passed away this year. Howe made several trips to Brandon during his playing career and after retirement. One Westman player, however, suited up against Mr. Hockey. Playing in his first season with the New York Rangers, Howe was playing in his 24th season in the NHL with the Detroit Red Wings. Who was the local player?

Question #6

On Sept 24, Brandon police arrested Tsolaye Wisdom Okorodudu after he shot another man on the 300 block of 10th Street. Okorodudu, who is a Nigerian immigrant, has been charged with attempted murder in connection to the shooting and his case is still before the court. Where did Brandon police find Okorodudu after the shooting?

Question #7

A robber was sentenced to 10 years in prison for killing a vulnerable victim who lived a Brandon home designed to provide semi-independent living for people with mental health challenges. Frederick Wallace Joseph Brass pleaded guilty to manslaughter, however, it was this bit of information that the judge found truly disturbing. What did Brass do to the victim?

Question #8

William Charles Trast was sentenced to seven years in jail for stealing about a dozen guns from a Brandon store. Two guns turned up under disturbing circumstances — one beside a man who killed himself in Thompson and another in possession of a known gan member. Why did Trast say he stole the guns?

Question #9

Dallas Lee Ambroise Juni Paquette was sentenced to 30 months in jail following an attack on a victim in an alley behind a home in the 400 block of Fifth Street. What weapon did Paquette use that nearly too his victim’s hand off?

Question #10

A high profile drug bust as part of Project Derringer revealed that drugs were stashed at an unusual residence in Brandon. What was the residence?

Question #11

In January, Manitoba Housing evicted more than 25 tenants living in the Townview Manor because the building needed more extensive renovations than initially thought. Can you name what community Townview Manor is located in?

Question #12

A Boissevain woman and her daughter were lucky to be alive after a driver spotted them on the side of the highway in January. The duo were found shortly before 7 a.m. in the morning after spending the night in the bitter cold. Why was it so difficult to see the vehicle which had careened off the road?

Question #13

A Westman community lost its ambulance service which led to unrest in the community. What community was the service axed in?

Question #14

Harold Blacksmith, of Sioux Valley Dakota Nation, is trying to raise awareness about which deadly disease that is a major health concern among Canada’s First nations and Inuit?

Question #15

The municipality of Killarney-Turtle Mountain spent $250,000 to ensure the community was flush with these. Can you name them?

Question #16

Brandon School Division’s decision to quash the first-come, first-served method for enrolment at Ecole Harrison’s single-track French immersion class sparked criticism from parents. What was the new system put in place?

Question #17

This longtime politician died on Jan. 2, 2016. More than four months later a memorial service was held in his honour with dignitaries such as former premier Gary Doer in attendance. Who was he?

Question #18

In April, the Manitoba Métis Federation celebrated a landmark decision from the Supreme Court of Canada. What did the country’s top court decide?

Question #19

How many city employees topped the $100,000 mark this year in Brandon?

Question #20

In October, the City of Brandon closed a 40-spot daycare after Manitoba Public Health discovered mould at the facility? What was the name of the daycare?

Question #21

A Manitoba lake was named after a fallen Boissevain soldier from the First World War. The lake, which is located in Duck Mountain Provincial Park was named after who?

Question #22

This longtime Brandon University professor and local green thumb died in June. He was remembered as a “generous, kind-hearted and loyal” man. Who is he?

Question #23

Brandon’s Scott Kukurudz worked on one 2016’s biggest films. Kukurudz moved to Vancouver in 2007 to pursue his dream of working in Hollywood. Can you name the film that he is credited in as the third assistant director?

Question #24

Katherine Pachkowski surprised her partner, Derek Brown, with plane tickets for the inaugural WestJet flight from Brandon to Toronto for his 40th birthday. Toronto, however, wasn’t their final destination. Can you remember where else the couple was flying?

Question #25

What large-scale oil company shuttered its doors in Brandon this year after oil prices failed to rebound?

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